Music Instrument Lesson: Brass #1 - The Baritone Horn

By Tim

Monday, October 23, 2006

The Baritone Horn is a brass musical instrument. A brass instrument is a musical instrument that uses a cupped mouthpiece shaped in a way that allows the player's lips to vibrate to generate the instrument's sound.

The Baritone Horn, or simply Baritone, is a tenor Saxhorn in B flat. In the UK the baritone is found almost exclusively in brass bands. The baritone horn is also a common instrument in high school and college bands, as older baritones are often in the inventory of middle schools and high schools. However, these are generally being replaced by intermediate level euphoniums. There has long been much confusion in the United States between true Baritones and Euphoniums, primarily due to the old practice of American Euphonium manufacturers calling their professional models by their proper names, and branding entry-level student models as baritones. Although this practice has nearly stopped, confusion persists to this day.

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